Who we are

BrandGoods develops high-quality premiums for brands including Shell, De Bijenkorf, and WWF.

What we do

There are seven ways to influence others, ‘reciprocity’ being the most effective. Put simply, people have a preference for brands that give. That is why promotional premiums that feel like a genuine and original gift will get your target audience to love your brand. We develop custom-made products with a message, manufactured with a specific focus on protecting the health of our planet; innovative products that stand in evidence of your brand narrative and that can serve as a cornerstone for your marketing and sales campaign. Why would we need a new premium? Research conducted by Nielsen, comparing 30,000 products, found that the number one factor that leads to success is innovation.

The services we offer

Our services cover three different fields of expertise:

Concepting, sourcing, and sampling

Mass production, packaging, and shipping

Promotional stands and advertising

The type of work we deliver

  • Premiums
  • Packaging
  • Promotional items
  • Product film


European Excellence Awards | Event o/t Year

Shell 'Generation Discover Festival'

Gouden Reiger

ING 'Postbank Blue Box'

Gouden Reiger

Pisang Ambon 'Rock The Palace'

Sports Marketing 360

ING Lockerwall

Silver Cannes Lion

BrandBase 'The Pallet Project'

Silver Esprix

Maxeda Wall

Silver Spin Award

Pisang Ambon 'Clipcaster TV'

San Accent nominatie

ING 'Sail'

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Meet the team

Paul Alberts
Inge Overtoom
Operations Director/Partner
Joyce Borghardt
Business Director
Christina de Wijn
Client Service Director
James Rankin
Commercial Director
Mark Edwards
Operations Manager
Henk Rijks
Strategy Director
Elmar de Jong
Creative Director
Jesse Post
Creative Director
Edwin Kool
Hugo Duyvestyn
Junior Creative
Anne Gombert
Project Manager
Hester Hess
Project Manager
Simone de Jong
Project Manager
Delphine Tilman
Project Manager
Renske van der Kieft
Project Manager
Janique Bruin
Project Manager Intern
Jeroen Coert
Emanuele Papale
Vincent Rikkers
Wouter Hogeland
Dwight Groot
Wim de Roos
Traffic Manager
Manon Boonstra
Anja de Groot
Brenda Sterk
Office Manager
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