Giving is receiving.

There are 7 Weapons of Influence, of which Reciprocity is the most effective, according to Professor Cialdini. Reciprocity simply means that people favour the brands that ‘give’. And that is why brands thrive with promotional items that are perceived as a true and original gift.
We create and develop custom-made brand promotional products. Made with care for people and the planet. Innovative products that prove your brand’s story and can be the pillar of your marketing and sales campaign. Why go the extra mile for a unique item? Because research by Nielsen – surveying 30.000 promotions – shows there is one denominator for success: Newness.


Gouden Reiger

ING 'Postbank Blue Box'

Bronzen Esprix

ING 'Bizznizz'

Cannes Lion Finalist

ING 'Bizznizz'

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Inge Overtoom
Operations Director/Partner
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Business Director
Christina de Wijn
Client Service Director
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Commercial Director
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Strategy Director
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Creative Director
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Account Manager
Jeroen Coert
Emanuele Papale
Vincent Rikkers
Wouter Hogeland
Wim de Roos
Traffic Manager
Latoya van den Brink
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