Marktplaats Queensday activation


Create an activation program to get more brand visibility and which generates PR for Marktplaats around Queensday: The one day Dutch people sell their belongings on a national jumble sale. Precisely the activity that Marktplaats facilitates throughout the whole year. Show and proove that Marktplaats helps consumers selling their stuff before, during and after Queensday. By use of an online activation campaign with the Queensday-package as communication carrier.


Consumers were effered to order the ‘Marktplaats Queensday Package’, in preparation of Queensday but before 30th of April. The package contained handy price-tags, a selling horn and a fun selling carpet with a personalized text.

Online Marktplaats already offers the right tools for sales. For better sales during Queensday a Marktplaats Queensday Kit can be ordered in the run up to Queensday on the campaign website. The kit contains convenient price tag stickers and a nice rug with your own personal text on it, which can be laid down in the street for all your things to sell. After Queensday has passed it also can be used for things as picknicking. In order to help consumers of Marktplaats being even more succesfull in selling their second hand stuff, we made it possible to produce a personalized selling carpet through the actionsite. A very handy small carpet for Facebook, which could be personalized with name, photo and own Marktplaats-advertisements.

On the 30th of April, Marktplaats also helped to sell with the live billboard and a life-size Marktplaats ad in the largest national newspaper. The auctioneer made ​​sure that your product was sold for a good price.

An enormous interest in the Queensday Kit. All 25,000 Kits were given away in a very short time. The live billboard attracted local attention and yielded many positive reactions. With this activation Marktplaats has proven its proposition.



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